Wapato Stuffed Pepper Soup

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Most people say ‘stuffed pepper soup, what is that?’ We then respond ‘it’s like a stuffed bell pepper’ and they say ‘oooooooohhhhh, that makes sense.’ This soup is not spicy but does have optional red peppers if you want a kick. It can be made thicker by omitting 1/2 cup water and we’ve even made stuffed bell peppers with it

Ingredients: White rice, bell peppers, herbs & spices, Vegetarian Beef Flavor (Yeast extract, non hydrogenated vegetable oil, onion, garlic, Real Salt™, tomato, Natural Flavor [contains torula yeast], herbs, celery, bell pepper, black pepper, ground rice hulls), dehydrated celery, & crushed red pepper. Contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or added M.S.G.