Thorpellini Tortellini Soup

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This soup has been the number one seller since day one. Maybe it’s because of the cheese filled tortellini sourced from the best noodle makers in Italy or the beef flavor made right here in our factory or maybe the delightful blend of italian spices. Whatever the reason this italian flavor red broth soup is one of our favorites and hopefully it’ll be one of your too!

Ingredients:  Tortellini (Pasta [Durum wheat semolina, eggs], breadcrumbs [wheat flour, salt], cheese [provolone & gorgonzola [milk, salt, rennet], ricotta [whey, milk, salt]], palm oil, salt, whey powder, natural flavor, yeast extract, spices), Vegetarian Beef Flavor (Yeast extract, non hydrogenated vegetable oil, onion, garlic, Real Salt™ , tomato, Natural Flavor [contains torula yeast], herbs, celery, bell pepper, black pepper, ground rice hulls), carrot, garlic and herbs. No artificial flavors, preservatives or added M.S.G. CONTAINS WHEAT, EGGS AND MILK.