Marinades & BBQ Sauces

Marinades & BBQ Sauces

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  • Oregon Microbrew BBQ Sauce - We found just the right stout crafted in Portland, Oregon to give our sauce a dark robust flavor with the mellow richness of fine brewed coffee. The perfect flavor blend for ribs, chicken or juicy grilled burgers.


  • North Carolina Mop Sauce - Tangy basting sauce for grilling and smoking, this classic mopping sauce hails from the hill country of North Carolina where BBQ is king! Brush or drizzle liberally over meat for a moist and flavorful result.


  • Hawaiian Island BBQ Sauce - A unique fusion of traditional tomato based BBQ with citrus, ginger and soy sauce.  Use on pork loin, ribs, chicken, grilled shrimp or tofu.


  • South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce - A true Southern traditional BBQ sauce - rich, tangy and savory infused with rosemary and celery seed to add depth. Equally amazing on ribs, pork shoulder and makes fabulous hot wings.


  • Texas Hot BBQ Sauce - From the State that takes its barbecue seriously comes our version of Texas-style grillin'.  And our new improved recipe is bolder, spicier and boldly hot

  • Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Sauce - This whiskey bbq sauce adds that subtle spirits flavor that makes for a memorable Tennessee-style feast.  Rich, thick and robust with mellow sweetness.