Lingonberry Savory Sauce

Lingonberry Savory Sauce

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Did you know, in Scandinavia, Lingonberries are a pantry staple and primarily used as a meat condiment?

It’s the perfect meat condiment. A little tart & not too sweet!

It’s similar to how we use cranberry sauce. We thought ELKI customers need that too!! Since our original Lingonberry recipe was produced in Denmark with the primary intention of using it as a meat condiment, we weren’t going to mess with perfection. We kept the same time honored recipe as our spreads, but with a new label.

Suggested Uses:
• Serve with grilled or baked meatballs.
• Enjoy with lamb, turkey or chicken wings.
• Glaze over baked or grilled salmon.
• Use in a pulled pork sandwich or slider.
• Spread in a turkey sandwich with Havarti cheese.
• Serve with smoked sausage as a bite sized appetizer.
    (There’s nothing like spicy & tangy coming together).