Gift Cards

As you may know, we our in the process of building our online store. There are currently 2 different options for Gift Cards.

Gift Cards Bought In-Store: 
These Gift Cards are from Fanfare, & say so on the back. We can easily honor these with any in-person purchase. You can also use them online! Just type in the long code on the back, starting with the number 9. If the code does not work, it is more than likely all used up. You are welcome to send us a message or come in & check the balance. 

Gift Cards Bought Online: 
These Gift Cards are from Shopify, and are currently digital Gift Cards. This means you will get a code to use on our online store. This code can also be used in person! To Gift this variety of card, you will need to write down or email the code to whomever you are gifting. 

Thank you for your patience as we convert our store to Shopify.