Gift Baskets

Here at Ariel's we also offer a Gift Basket Service. We have a selection of pre-made Gift Baskets ready to go for your last minute occasion. We also offer Custom Gift Baskets!

Pre-Made Gift Baskets/Boxes:
All of our put-together gifts are pre-priced & on display in our Richland location. There is usually a selection of large office party baskets, hostess gifts, snack baskets and so on... All baskets show of our favorite local gourmet goodies! Just come on down, pick out your favorites & call it a day! Prices include the cost of goods, basket, & wrapping. Sales Tax is calculated at checkout. 

Custom Gift Baskets:
These require time & energy to put together. We require 24 to 48 hours notice before pickup of a Custom Basket. You can always call for assistance in picking our items for your baskets! Our sales associates are experts on our inventory and have years of experience assembling gifts. Here are some key points to remember when designing a gift basket:

  • You will need a budget! This will include the cost of the basket & the wrapping fee, as well as the goodies inside. Check out our pre-priced baskets for a ballpark estimation of bang-for-your-buck!
  • You will need a theme, or a general idea. Some examples include Local Food & Wine, Snack Basket, Breakfast Basket, Picnic Basket, Pasta Night Basket, etc. 
  • Your Gift will be pleasingly arranged in a basket or tote with sizzle & wrapped in shrink wrap. Each features a handmade bow made especially for your gift by our staff!
  • If you wish to include your own items (bought elsewhere) in your Basket, we will happily do so, subject to an additional fee. 
  • --YOU CAN NOT ORDER A BASKET ONLINE-- While we're working to make this possible, you will need to make contact with us either in-person or by phone. We will ask for payment after completion of basket. You can complete your payment either in person or by phone. 
  • We can not currently ship completed Gift Baskets. They are available for pickup in Richland, or for delivery for an extra fee. Please see our Complementary Services page for information on our alternative option - Gift Packages.

Love the Idea of a Basket? Still Unsure?
Simple! Turn your container instead into something functional. A mixing bowl? Colander? Mug? Cheese Tray? Any of these things make a super cute, ultra functional Gift with an adorable theme.