Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't your Richland location open? We regret to inform you that, as of February 2021, our storefront has closed. You are welcome to email us with any questions, but the bulk of our current selection is located on this website. 
I can't find the product I was looking for.  Please shoot us an email, a phone call, or message us on Facebook. We will do our very best to help you! Our online store is still under construction and does not yet represent our full inventory.
When will you start Shipping products? We can ship items  in USPS Flat Rate Boxes. We are working on offering multi-carrier shipping, please be patient with us!
I have/make/represent a product that I feel would be a good fit for your store! Feel free to message us on Facebook with details or send us a catalog via Postal Mail. 
I am looking for a donation for my fundraiser. How do I contact you? Please email us. We will pass it on for approval from our owner.