About Us

Founded in 1977, Ariel Gourmet & Gifts has been serving the Tri Cities for over 40 years. Occupying the same storefront for many of those years, very few remember a time when we were on ‘the other corner’. We hear a lot of stories about the olden days, the golden days, and the times between. Our store has gone through a lot of changes in this time, from operating the first espresso stand to selling furniture or even flowers, we have honed our selection to the phrase “Cook, Create... Celebrate”.
--COOK-- Here at Ariel’s, we have an enormous selection of kitchen items. Gadgets, essentials, and even strangely specific items. The ladies who work here are extremely knowledgeable, as many of the gadgets we have owned ourselves. We carry what works, & recommend based on our knowledge and experiences. As always, we are willing & ready to work with you to find the perfect fit for your kitchen, or the perfect fit for your friend.
--CREATE-- From decorating your dish to unique ingredients, we try our best to carry what you need! Even the most inexperienced chef can find success with our spices, rubs & mixes. Jams, jellies, sugars or sauces can help your create something really special for your next get together (or maybe something just for you!). Did you know we can also help you create the perfect gift? We offer complementary gift wrap with your purchase!
--CELEBRATE-- Nothing says celebration like a gift basket. There’s a selection of pre-made baskets against the back wall of our store, & we can also help you create a custom one perfect for your celebration! These take time & care, so make sure you can give us at least 24 hours to construct your basket. Speaking of timing: we also offer a wedding registry! Ask us about it!
It has been an honor to serve our community, and here’s to many more years to come!